Hi, I'm Ben Mezger, a Researcher and Backend developer.
Interrested in computer security and computer architecture -- about me


Finding exposed .git repositories Developers use git to version control their source code. We all do, in fact, this blog is currently being versioned by git. However, we not only use git to version control, but also to deploy applications. Usually we push the... Read more

Béla Tarr’s message Eye Film Museum made an exposition about Béla Tarr’s work. At the end of the exposition, they gave this paper with a message written by Bela Tarr’s. I decided to document the message here in case it gets lost in... Read more

Government censorship vs corporate censorship There are two most common types of censorship we see in our everyday life — government censorship and corporate censorship, both are a bit different with each other and bring different risks to society. When a government censors a content or and... Read more

Quick review of the …​ in the Linux Kernel It took me a while to find out, but since C99, C started to support a undefined number of arguments in a function. For this to work stdarg.h header must be included. stdarg.h will introduce a new type, va_list and... Read more