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I am seds, an independent researcher in computer security.

I am German and Dutch. I grew up in Amsterdam, but when young I’ve moved a lot due to my parents work. Originally, I was born in Italy, but due to Jus sanguinis I don’t have the Italian citizenship. My father is German and my mother is Dutch. I enjoy learning new languages, so you can communicate with me in English, Dutch, German and Portuguese.

I’ve been living for 3.5 years in Brazil at the time of this writing, and it’s definitely a very interesting era to be there. Specially after the presidential coup of 2016 which is resulting in a class war.

I am mostly interrested on OS Security, OPSEC and online privacy. I’ve been studying malware analysis and reverse engineering.

I believe everyone should be able to read, write anything they would like on the web, without their government intercepting and spying on them.


I work as a researcher at the department of Embedded & Distributed Systems at my university, I have published some papers and at the time of this writting (Sat Feb 4 16:48:13 CET 2017) I am working on another paper soon to be published.

Providing a Smart Industrial Environment with the Web of Things and Cloud Computing, 2016 IEEE International Conference on Services Computing (SCC), San Francisco, CA, 2016, pp. 641-648.

Providing a cloud-based smart meter solution to control and monitor electrical quantities of industrial machines, 2017 IEEE 13th International Conference on Wireless and Mobile Computing, Networking and Communications (WiMob), Rome, IT, 2017, pp. 1-8.

Sometimes I give some lectures. Some of them I make some slides, some of them I don’t. Here is some of them:

A quick introduction to the Cypherpunk world and code debugging
:datetime(Sat Aug 8 09:00:00 BRT 2015)
A beginner introduction to Git and GitHub (available in Portuguese only)
:datetime(Sat Mar 4 08:30:08 BRT 2017)
A quick introduction to Erlang (available in Portuguese only)
:datetime(Sun Jun 12 19:00:00 BRT 2016)
A few systems development life cycle (Waterfall; Evolutionary; Spiral and Iterative)
:datetime(Mon Apr 10 21:25:46 -03 2017)

Mozilla Campus club

I am a member of the Mozilla’s Campus Club at my university.
I’m one of the 3 Executive Members of Bernunça Mozilla Campus Club. My role at the club is to make sure we can arrange lectures of a specific technology/subject of matter, introduce references about the state of the art of Mozilla and the world.

In summary: we try to encourage new people about technology.
Twice a month we meet with students to lecture/debate a new subject. Our annual agenda can be found here.


I contribute for Gidlab, which provides an experimental laboratory for identity management to the academic community. At the moment, I am collaborating with their Docker architecture and researching a monitoring and development solution for VMs (Virtual Machines).

I am available for hiring, but I am very picky when it gets to enterprise work. Not that I don’t enjoy working for enterprise, but I quite prefer the academic world. Current, I work for United Academics Foundation, more specifically, I work at their Open Access library which is still in beta version and we current have 1.4TB of data.

You can grab my full CV here.

Ocasually, I enjoy tweeting about politics, internet surveillance and photography.

I really enjoy cinema, so here is a few TV series/documentaries/movies I recommend:


If you would like to help me financially, I would be very thankful. You can donate through Paypal by clicking here or transfer to the following Bitcoin address 1CA6d2Y5cGGdiWzR6Fs2FhyNaxeiyMz3Qn

I will use the money for food and for maintaining this server.

Hosted apps

  1. Searx: this server is currently hosting searx at search.seds.nl. Feel free to use the engine as your default engine.

Current music I’ve been listening to

This is a small list of the albums I’ve been listening in the last 7 days.

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Github mirror

This blog is currently hosted on my own server, however, in case the server is down, I am using Github pages to mirror this blog. The URL is the following:


And finally, I consider my home city the most amazing city in the world, here’s a taste of it:

Photo of Amsterdam

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