Hi, I'm Ben Mezger, a Researcher and Backend developer.
Interrested in computer security and computer architecture -- about me


Vim Cheatsheet This is still an ongoing post, so some things may be incomplete. Using Vim buffers Closing buffers Unload buffer [N] (default: current buffer) and delete it from the buffer list. If the buffer was changed, this fails, unless when [!]... Read more

RISC-V notes Operands Fast location for data. All data must be in registers to perform arithmetic. Register x0 always equals to 0.. Register x0 always equals to 0. 32bit registers x0-x31 RISC-V uses bytes addresses; sequencial doubleword accesses differ by 8. Memory... Read more

Note to self – Reverting Git One thing that bothers me is that I always forget how to revert commits properly. So I decided to finally write a quick "cheatsheet" on how to revert commits on various cases. Undo a whole commit by creating a new... Read more

Finding exposed .git repositories Developers use git to version control their source code. We all do, in fact, this blog is currently being versioned by git. However, we not only use git to version control, but also to deploy applications. Usually we push the... Read more